If you've decided to write short stories, either for pleasure, for commercial publication or for entry to competitions,

the advice of a professional is invaluable. And I'm glad to say that my Critique service has borne fruit - publication for clients in national magazines.

I can take a long, hard (friendly, encouraging) look at your work, and talk to you about structure, genre, style,

characterisation, plot and dialogue, how to edit and how to aim your work at a specified market (if that's your aim).

You can send me a single story, or several, and I will provide a critique for £40 per story up to 5,000 words,

and then a phone call later to make sure you've taken away what you need.

Obviously if you're in the Mid-Sussex area we can do this in person.

And remember, ten years ago I was a beginner, and that's where all of us have to start!

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